One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar."

Helen Keller

High Performing Executive Hopes Theres a Better Way

Rich hired me because he was increasingly unhappy in his job and didn’t know what to do about it. An executive at a high-powered organization, he managed frequent “crunch times” by working evenings and weekends. He was burdened by the many complex problems that people in his office brought him to solve, when it seemed to him they should be solving them on their own. He was so busy putting out other people’s fires that his own job was suffering — and so was he.

I helped him make some strategic changes in the way he was working. He began by empowering people in his organization to become problem-solvers, thus relinquishing his old role as the “go-to” person. I had him off-load a segment of unappealing tasks that had, itself, grown into a full-time job: he created a new staff position and hired someone to fill it. He developed better time-management and efficiency skills, and he dealt with his oppressive backlog of housekeeping tasks.  He learned to effectively and confidently say “no” when the situation called for it.

As he cleared time to focus on his own substantive job, I taught him how to regularly get “altitude” from his day-to-day focus and think strategically and proactively about what he wanted to accomplish for himself and the organization. Once he consistently had time to think about his work and to implement changes in how he worked, he not only became more effective in it, but he also started enjoying it again.

What's Really the Issue?

It's sometimes unclear, at the outset, what's “off” for you in your work.

  • Do you know what you want to accomplish but not know how to make it happen?
  • Are you unsure how to juggle your management responsibilities with your “own work”? 
  • Are you unclear about  what you bring to the table, and therefore unsure of yourself?
  • Does the term “work/life balance” sound about as credible as “happily ever after”?
  • Do you want to raise the bar for your team’s effectiveness but lack the management or communication skills to do so?
  • Are you spinning your wheels way too often?
  • Are you a past high achiever who isn’t performing up to par?
  • Has your scope of work changed incrementally over time, and now you’re in a role that’s not a good fit for you?
  • Are you burnt out?  

So many factors impact a person’s work experience, it may be hard to know all of what’s going on until you really take a higher level, objective look at the whole picture. Only then can you be effective in making the right changes.

How I Can Help

As your coach, I become your unequivocal ally and creative partner in discovering what is “up” for you, both circumstantially in your current job and from a whole-life and whole-career perspective. If there are immediate challenges in your work, we can address those directly. I have a track record for helping people get un-stuck, by asking powerful questions and offering re-frames of what's going on, what your part in it is, what you might do, how you might say what needs to be said.

I bring the perspective of a life coach to our career analysis. Whether you need more effective ways of performing your job, improved work-life balance, renegotiated relationships at work or with work, or any number of other large and small course corrections, together we can create a game plan of action that takes you where you want to go, and you can get going on it.  I will help you implement the game plan, process your results, and refine your sense of what's next. This emphasis on practical, immediate, next actions is a hallmark of my personal coaching style.

(If you are a job seeker or a career changer, I am not the right coach for you.  However, I can refer you to fabulous colleagues who specialize in this area.)

Phone or Email Me for Free Consultation

If you think working with me might give you the traction you’re currently lacking in sorting out your career issues, consider scheduling an initial consultation with me (by phone or in-person in the Boston area). You’ll know by the end of our conversation whether you want to work with me or not. No fee, no pressure. Email me with a few times you could be available, and please include your time zone. I’ll get back to you.

Client Quotes

Read what my clients say. Here is a sample:

Sharon, you are a big part of the success that I feel. It helps so much to recognize what I want and what I bring, in a strong confident way (not defensive, urgent, or arrogant) and working with you is how I get there.”


Thank you for a very valuable session on Wed. It was so great to hear your perspective on my situation at work. It also felt great to get started working with you again. I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders because I'm finally starting to move forward to tackle some of these issues more directly.”

University Director

She ‘gets it’ really quickly. I didn’t have to explain my life to her.”

New York

Her results-oriented approach helped me to carry through on things. She asked the right set of questions.”

Financial Services Vice President


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