Types of Coaching

What’s Going On For You?

You may have a track record as an effective thinker, you may be well-paid as a decision-maker (or problem-solver, strategist, analyst, diagnostician, leader, facilitator), you may be known by peers as a master of your own fate. And here you are, considering hiring a personal coach to help you! What’s that all about? Why can’t you do this on your own? Because you can’t think your way to the solution for this particular challenge that’s got you stumped. Finding the solution is not a linear process. And it’s likely you’re not focusing on the real heart of the matter (if you were, you might have solved it by now).

As a life coach, I can tell you when it comes to career success, work-life balance, and navigating your life, mastery is not an option. You may find this stage of your life more challenging than you expected and in ways you didn’t anticipate. The demands for your time are constant and insatiable. The pressures on you are enormous, and at some point they may take their toll, either on you personally (feeling unhappy, getting sick, no energy), in your job (not up to your usual high standard, not getting results), or in your relationships (with family, friends, colleagues).

How I Can Help

I can help you figure out where you’re "off course," whether in your career, your personal and family life, or your work-life balance. Once identified, we’ll figure out how to get you into action toward an appropriate course correction, a process that tends to be iterative and non-linear. Your actions will bring you new information as well as lead you to essential new perspectives. Our regular meetings will support you to maintain consistent, focused action, as well as provide you with a context for debriefing and processing your experiences along the way.

  • I’ll help you get you into action
  • I’ll offer perspective
  • I’ll help you let go of your perfectionism when appropriate
  • I’ll offer validation
  • I’ll bring options to the table

I'VE BEEN THERE, to a large extent. I “get it” quickly. And I have a light touch.

Types of Coaching

Work-Life Balance Coaching: For people who are out of balance, toasted, or unclear on priorities.
Midlife Coaching: What is this stage of life asking of you? Get help navigating these changes.
Career Coaching: Focus on career growth: where are your learning edges and challenges?
Success Coaching: Success on your own authentic terms, which may not be fully clear to you.
Personal Coaching: Focused personal development work that’s often relevant at work too.
Getting Unstuck® Coaching: For otherwise effective people who are currently stalled, stranded, or circling.
Professional Coaching: Focus on your professional life, working with a professional coach.
Qualified Life Coach: Sharon’s formal and informal credentials as a life coach.

There are many overlaps among these types of coaching, so don’t feel you have to identify exactly which type fits you best. It’s my job to understand as quickly as possible what’s up for you, where you want to go, and what’s in your way. And it’s my job to offer you re-frames, perspective, strategy, tools, exercises, and resources to give you traction and get you into action. Our ongoing conversation provides you with structure and accountability.

Coaching generally lasts 4-6 months, although some people get what they need in a month or two. Sessions take place by phone or in-person at my Boston-area office. We have three scheduled 50-minute meetings/month, along with email contact. Monthly fees are in the $500 range.

Coaching By Phone

Most of the coaching I do is by phone. Over the years I have coached clients all across the US and Canada, and I have worked with clients in Europe, Asia, and Australia as well. My typical structure is 3 scheduled phone meetings each month, with each meeting lasting up to 45-50 minutes.

In-Person Meetings

I am based just outside of Boston, in Watertown, MA. I have a very comfortable home-office and regularly see a few local clients in person, as well as the occasional in-person meeting with an out-of-state client who’s in Boston for one reason or another. Both formats work.

Coaching by Email

In addition to regularly scheduled coaching meetings, I am also available by email to my monthly clients throughout the months they are working with me. The amount and frequency of email varies from person to person, from week to week. There are some weeks when a client and I will be engaged in an animated, ongoing email conversation the entire week. And there may be other weeks when there’s no email at all from that client. Email contact is generally initiated by the client, and I respond. And there are times when I will start the email conversation by sharing an afterthought after a coaching session, or sending a resource I promised. I have also worked with clients entirely by email, after our initial phone consultation. This too can work.

Regular Check-Ins

Some clients find that frequent email check-ins between sessions provides a level of accountability and structure that supports them in staying focused on what they want to be focused on. Others like to send me email updates as they move through the action items they have taken on that week. Still others use email to let me know when they’ve hit a rough patch, bumped into an obstacle, or are spinning their wheels, and I will respond accordingly; we might set up an ad hoc meeting to address the current challenge. And other clients don’t email me at all.

Next Steps

If you’re curious about what working with me might do for you, contact me to set up a free initial phone consultation (or in person in the Boston area), and let's see if we're a good fit to work together.

  • Call me to schedule a time to discuss your individual situation: 617-926-8393
  • Email me with a few times you are available to talk at

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