I am pleased to personally recommend the following resources:

Diana Cullum-Dugan is an extraordinary yoga teacher and nutritionist whose Yoga of Mindful Eating course I learned so much from. As her yoga student, I have been blown away by the seamless way she’s able to teach the postures, the practice, and the philosophy, all with a light touch and a marvelously irreverent sense of humor.

Ginger Burr is a great resource for how to look your best. Color, fit, style -- she can help. I’ve found Ginger's professional expertise extremely helpful. For example, when I started doing a lot of public speaking, she helped me figure out what kind of clothing worked for me in that role. She also helped me reclaim my own colors after the last few years of my daughter’s living at home and frequently saying things like, "Mom, you're not going out in that, are you?"

Dianna Huff is savvy, lively, and always-well-informed resource for internet marketing, particularly business-to-business marketing. Her MarCom Writer blog is a fascinating look at internet marketing trends, resources, and news. She’s a terrific writer and a thoroughly down-to-earth and candid person, and she really stays on top of the field: great reading.

Dr. Judith Mabel is one of the smartest people I know, and a scientist in the truest sense of the word. A nutritionist and dietician, she practices Nutritional Healing, an established scientific and holistic approach towards balancing the needs of the human body.

Libra Consulting is the website of Lisa D’Annolfo Levey, whose book, The Libra Solution: Shedding Excess and Redefining Success, is a research-based examination of some of the most insidious challenges to a satisfying family life. She offers an alternative model that she and her husband are living, in which both parents are primary parents, breadwinners, householders. It’s a compelling read. Lisa also consults to individuals, families and organizations interested in using this model. is the cyber home for fathers and mothers who have made (or wish to make) a conscious decision to share equally in the raising of their children, household chores, breadwinning, and time for recreation. This site is the brainchild of Marc and Amy Vachon, consultants in equally shared parenting and equal parents themselves, and the title to their strategic and tactical book of the same name.

The ThirdPath Institute is dedicated to work and family redesign to create more time for family, community and other life passions. Under the inspired leadership of Jessica DeGroot, ThirdPath offers resources for leaders, families, and professionals. They also offer resources for families wishing to use a "shared-care" model, that is, where both parents play a primary role in the parenting.

Life Balance© Software by Llamagraphics runs on your computer and/or your smart phone, supporting your life-balance goals by getting work-life items into your task list, based on your input to the program when you first set it up. I’ve been impressed by the owners of the company and the feedback about this product from many clients and newsletter readers who use it and love it. This product actually helps you balance your life.

Cat Bennett, artist, author, and visionary has created a beautiful, peaceful, witty, delightful website that must be visited to be appreciated. Cat is the source of the wonderful trapeze drawing that represents transition on the My Approach page of my website.

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